You are known to be a good cook, what is your go-to or preferred dish to make?

That’s a tough question, it really depends on the time of year and the availability of ingredients. But on a cold winter night in Cleveland I like to make a big pot of Oxtail soup. My version uses spicy chilis and coconut milk to give it a Carribean flair.


What is your favorite product on the market that Cardboard Helicopter has designed?

I love the electric bikes we’ve designed for Pulse. I always wanted something like that when I was a kid and I never got one. I guess the kid in me really wants one of those bikes still.



Which toy did you love the most growing up?

I always like playing with blocks and building vehicles and bases for my action figures. It didn’t matter the type of blocks, duplo, lego, or constructs I used all of them.


What is your favorite problem-solving product ever?

It’s not necessarily a physical product but the Google search engine has solved more problems for me than I can count. Having it available in my pocket on my smart phone makes it the greatest invention ever.


What is your favorite tech product you’ve seen in recent years?

3D printing technology continues to fascinate me. I love the desktop consumer printers that have come out, they’re very affordable and functional. They new CLIP 3D printers are really cool too.


What is the biggest obstacle with bringing a new invention to market?

I believe that self is the biggest obstacle to overcome. When an entrepreneur is trying to launch a product they can self sabotage in so many ways. They can become complacent and try to farm out the entire process, or they can become too involved and not take the expert advice they’re receiving. I think in order to succeed an entrepreneur needs to have a healthy balance of dedication and adaptability.


What is your all-time favorite video game and why?

It’s tough to choose a favorite. I have great childhood memories of playing games from the Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and so many others. The games I like to play most have a compelling story with likeable characters and some combination of strategy and action.



What are the advantages of working with an industrial design group in Cleveland?

Cleveland and the surrounding area is rich with knowledge and experience in product design and manufacturing. The people and companies that have that knowledge are very approachable and always willing to give advice.


What is your favorite product trend that you see on the market today?

The internet of things movement is the most fascinating to me. When I was a kid I always wanted a remote that could control anything. Now with my smart phone and a wireless router we’re getting closer.


From an industrial design standpoint, what is a product on the market that you think they executed industrial design well?

Dyson vacuums have always been a favorite of mine. Nothing could be less interesting to me than cleaning but my Dyson vacuum makes we want to use it. That’s truly inspiring design to me.


How has your education in business marketing connect to your position at Cardboard Helicopter?

Having a marketing background really helps me to look at product design from the eyes of the consumer and the retailer. You have to create products that people will want and that retailers will want to sell.


You help create many of the prototypes in the Cardboard Helicopter workshop, what is your advice for anyone trying to create a rough product concept on a budget?

Don’t try to make a perfect prototype on your first attempt. Get the first version put together as quickly and roughly as possible. You’ll learn


Penelope is your dog and a big member at Cardboard Helicopter, why did you name her that?

Penelope was a birthday gift for my fiance. She really liked the name Penelope and I suggested we name her Penelope Lane. We usually call her Penny for short so its an homage to the Beatles song Penny Lane.